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London Pleasure Gardens installation by Shepard Fairey

30 Jun

I love graffiti artist Shepard Fairey’s work – you know him..remember this piece, you probably saw it around….

Artist Shepard Fairey’s iconic poster design

He has installed a giant 100 ft mural for the London Olympics in the newly constructed Pleasure Gardens.

Of the process he said ““I am really happy to be associated with the London Pleasure Gardens, it has a very rich history and it will be something that unsuspecting Olympic enthusiasts will stumble across. The mural symbolises freedom on speech and expression and it is the tallest piece I have ever done in a space that has a great deal of character and history and it is an incredible place for my work to be shown”

Shepard Fairey & his pleasure gardens piece

Check out this behind the scenes of his process.

And for more info on the Pleasure Gardens check in here, there a whole ton of fabulous art to be enjoyed there. I so wish I was in London this summer!

Creating a guest getaway!

21 Jun

When we bought the house we were super excited that it came with a pool house –  it sounds super duper fancy to say you have a pool house!!!  However the reality is that its more like a big old shed with a toilet and a ton of spiders facing a very old and weathered pool. Not really so awesome for guests wanting to come and visit us.

But I have a dream…big big dreams that one day we can rip it down and replace it with something like this…

Modern cabana guesthouse

Or maybe like this…

Please let me stay here!

And that I can decorate it inside like a gorgeous swedish lakeside cabin..

Light & airy cabin

and like this…

A dreamy getaway

Of course this dream is  about a year away from becoming reality but its good to start planning it me thinks. And then yes, you can TOTALLY come and stay!


Sharing my Pinterest addiction: who to follow…..

2 May

Have you heard of Pinterest? YES I bet you have!!! and I bet you are spending TONS of time on it too. Did you know that it’s now the fastest growing site in the history of the internet EVER? Crazy fact, but I can totally see why as I am 100% addicted!

Yes perhaps I am pinning a life that wont ever be mine but I don’t care because it’s all just SO PRETTY!!!! In fact it makes me feel EXACTLY like Agnes in this clip sometimes:

So I thought it was about high time I recommended some other folks & brands you should really be following on Pinterest for tons of home specific inspiration:

1. CB2 : a great brand with great ideas on how to use their modern pieces in your home

CB2 on Pinterest

2. West Elm : another favorite brand who have a great blog too called Front & Main (check it out)..

West Elm on Pinterest

3. Rue Magazine : gorgeous and stylish ideas and inspiration for every area of your home.

Rue Magazine on Pinterest

4. Better Home & Gardens : A little more traditional than my usual modern taste but some stuff is gorgeous plus they have excellent  cookery to interiors to DIY their stuff is gorgeous and supremely practical!

Better Homes & Gardens on Pinterest

6. Remodelista is a remodelers source book go-to. I highly recommend their boards for inspiration on all aspects of your home remodel.

Remodelista on Pinterest

5. Emily Henderson  : Emily has a great selection of pins from interiors to stylish pieces for the home and personal style as well.

Em Henderson on Pinterest

7. The Novogratz :  Everybody’s favorite design duo offer great pins on style, design ideas and perfect adornments for kids rooms.

The Novogratz on Pinterest

8. Adore Home Magazine : One of my favorite online magazines and actually produced in Australia , they feature beautiful interir ideas all listed by color scheme which is genius for anyone looking to find inspiration in a particular shade.

Adore Home Magazine on Pinterest

9. Julia Johnson (the Boo and the Boy) : Julia’s blog is one of my top go to’s for kids room inspirations but her pins also feature plenty of grown up spaces too.

The Boo and The Boy on Pinterest

10. Meg Biram of Mimi + Meg : I seriously love EVERYTHING that Meg posts particularly her style. She has my exact taste in well everything. I’d like to think that one day we  could be friends!

Mimi + Meg on Pinterest

p.s if you are not on Pinterest and would like an invite shoot me a note in the comments and I’ll send you one!

Living Desert Modern!

12 Apr

Once a year my company heads out to Palm Springs to enjoy a week in the sunshine at the Palm Spring Photo Festival. It’s a great gig to go on as not only do you get to meet world-wide famous photographers and enjoy great artwork but you also get to hang out in one of the coolest homes of architecture ever.

Palm Springs flourished in the 1920’s as a Hollywood escape and the architecture infamy began as the multitude of stars commissioned many homes to be built-in the area. The “desert modern” style was born and with it came some of the most innovative buildings we’ve seen to date. I’m by no means an expert in architecture but I know that this town has masses of gorgeous homes and buildings to look at and a unique cultural identity because of the modernism influence.

Some of my favorite well-known Palm Springs homes are the Kaufmann home…

And the Miller house both designed by architect, Richard Neutra.

Nowadays Palm Springs is the ultimate desert getaway – with many of the former mid-century motels and buildings being restored to their former glory into  hip places to stay and great restaurants. There’s great design all around this city and a great history of Hollywood celebs hanging out here in the desert.

Once of my favorite new hotels is the Ace Hotel. Its rooms are equally cool – using a mixture of vintage and modern furniture that fits in perfectly with the Palm Springs style.

The Suites at the Ace

And then there’s the  Movie Colony motel, a seriously cool restored hotel that was originally designed by Albert Frey in 1935. Frey actually studied under Le Corbusier in Paris before moving to the states and the Movie Colony Motel was one of his first projects.

The Movie Colony Hotel

Or try the Orbit Inn, which was built-in the classic mid-century modern style. Its furnishings are all refurbished period pieces from the 1950’s and it has stayed true to its original exterior whilst remaining a comfortable place to relax.

The Orbit Inn pool at night

The Parker is built on luxurious living in the desert – it was kitted out by Jonathan Adler  who shopped estate sales for the eclectic decor to recreate the Palm Springs of the 1950’s through the 1970’s. The Parker is the ultimate in pampering – at night soft lambswool rugs are laid out next to your bed!!!

The lobby at The Parker

and finally check out the wild colors of the Saguaro which was recently refurbished and opened its doors in Feb this year. Its named after the famous cactus of the Sonoran desert !

The wild colors of the Saguaro

The pool with all the different colors look amazing here….

The Sagauro pool side

Such a great place to visit and relax for a few days – I’m already planning my next mini break to this home of modernism!

Coming next is my top tips for vintage shopping in the desert!

My top ten home design books…

19 Mar

I have literally become obsessed with interior and home design books during the process of this renovation. I have literally read hundreds!  And although I do try to order them in from our local library  (which is a great way to check out how useful a book will be for you) I also seem to find myself buying them at a rate of knots….not only do they have tons of inspirational images in but many have great advice in them too about how to achieve that look.

So here’s my top ten recommendations of books to help you design your home space.

Downtown Chic: Designing your dream home.

1. Downtown Chic : designing your dream home by Bob & Courtney Novogratz

2. Decorate: 1000 design Ideas for Every Room in Your Home by Holly Becker

3. Design Sponge at Home by Grace Bonney

Room for Children

4. Room for Children: Stylish places for sleep & play by Susanna Salk

5. The Selby is in your place by  Todd Selby

6. Jonathan Adler on happy chic colors by Jonathan Adler

7. Undecorate: the no rules approach to interior design

8. The Green House: new directions in sustainable architecture by Stang & Hawthorne

100 Houses: Modern Designs for contemporary Living

9. 100 Houses: modern designs for contemporary living by Cathy Strongman

10. Modern Glamor : the art of unexpected style by Kelly Wearstler

Sliding Barn Door

30 Dec

I have been toying with a door to seal off the formal lounge from the kitchen/family room and we thought about doing someting in the vein of this sliding barn door. Its a really functional but stunning way to create  some privacy and seal off some of the family noise from the front of the house.

Sliding barn door from Southern Living.

Image from Southern Living

Kitchen Design Mark 2

18 Dec

A while ago, in fact maybe 6 months or so ago I posted that we started talking to Kitchen-zilla about a design for a kitchen.  As things got a little hairy over the summer (i.e. a new baby and no roof!!) we forgot all about our kitchen design in favor of focusing on the things that needed to get done that week! Now that we are prepping to build out the extension we need to get back on the kitchen trail so that we can establish the zones of the extension properly.

Jon happened to be in Denver on business which is where kitchen-zilla are based and so he popped into the showroom. We have been using this kitchen design that we found on Houzz as our ideal design and wanted to see if kitchen-zilla could get close to it.

Kitchen – modern – kitchen –.

Kitchen – modern – kitchen –.

I love the off-set cabinets (which add tons of storage)  and the contrast between light and dark. Also the white countertops and backsplash lift the whole design and keep it very clean-looking. Our kitchen wont be quite as big  so we need to be very tight on where everything should go and make the most of the  space we do have.

Here’s what they came back with and some of my feedback on it!

I’m excited to see their take on my feedback and what they come back with next as it feels as tho we are getting close to a final design.

Ice Cube Celebrates Eames…

12 Dec

Ice Cube studied Architectural drafting? Now I never knew that. Love that he’s celebrating the design style of Eames. The boy’s got good taste.

A Mad Men Inspired Powder Room

8 Dec

The powder room downstairs is done, build wise.  As in everything is in its place  (taps, sink, loo etc) and its working just fine but, well it just doesn’t look very pretty. Its very white and plain and functional. And so I want to really glam it out but Jon isn’t keen on that idea. So we have compromised and came up with this vision instead , a Mad Men inspired 1950’s retro powder room with modern finishes.

The tiles are a  bit of a bold choice for us and were what drove the entire look and feel of this room but I think it will be awesome once its done and very unexpected. Well it better be as we already bought the tiles so are kind of committed now- gulp!

Tiles by Heath Ceramics (dual glaze in Paprika) $7.50 a tile

Sanderson Dandelion Clocks wallpaper   $50 a roll

Toilet roll holder by Chiasso $44

Possini Light fixture $249

Antique tiled mirror by West Elm $149

Towel rail  from lumens $68.75

Cylinder Bath light from Lumens  $106.92

Fake Floral Style

10 Sep

I love having fresh flowers in the house, they brighten up any corner of a room and make me smile,  however, with my crazy busy lifestyle I don’t have the time to shop for them very often, lord knows I don’t get them on a regular basis from my husband  and when I do have them in the house they always seem to quickly die on me!

So I’ve been considering getting some silk flowers to have in the house as permanent arrangements to add some color  and life (pardon the pun!) into our rooms.  I’ve been pretty impressed with the quality of some of the arrangements I’ve found, they are very realistic and are in my fave bright colors and blooms!

Check these arrangements and sellers out for some fake flower style…….

Autumn Orange Peony Silk Flowers by HeatherMBC on Etsy.

Beautiful Peony Sweet Pea Silk Flower Arrangement by farmerjulie.

And I am loving this Moss Ball arrangement , its a really stylish and sustainable centrepiece for any table…

Moss Ball Centerpiece by farmerjulie on Etsy.

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