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New Year Tidings and Inspirations …..

2 Jan

In keeping with the new year and the made resolutions that are surely on everyone’s mind right now, I’m sharing these inspiring bits of artwork that can help keep you on track to fulfilling your promises to yourself!!

Carpe Diem Print

Carpe Diem Print


Be Yourself Print

Be Yourself Print

She Believed Print

She Believed Print


My personal resolutions this year are to try to blog more regularly, waste less time procrastinating (ahem Facebook that means you!!!)  and to live in the moment with my beautiful family!

What’s your personal mantra going to be for this new year?

Links :  1. 2. 3.


I do believe its time for another adventure…..

27 Sep

If ever there were truer words…for this is exactly how I am feeling today!

Print by Designed Good.


Banksy showing his Olympic spirit

26 Jul

I’m a big Banksy fan so I was thrilled when these two new pieces showed up on his site.

A Banksy Olympian


Soft landing?

I guess someone isn’t really that into the idea of the Olympics??




The Jubilee by Banksy

17 May

I love Banksy and his artwork/social commentary on what he sees going on around him.

Check out this new piece that  cropped up in London (Turnpike lane for you locals) in time for the diamond jubilee…just awesome.

Banksy & the Diamond Jubilee

(Image from  here )

I’d love an original piece for my home but that’s never going to happen given they sell at around $50k!  Till then I shall keep enjoying his “free” street art instead.

Awesome art deal..

1 Sep

I discovered 20×200 a while ago and its a fabulous concept – artists release limited edition prints of their work for super reasonable prices generally starting from $50. I had my eye on this piece by artist Christian Chaize . I love the colors and the feel of the image – it’s so European.

I was getting ready to hit purchase when this amazing deal from Plum District came through…$50 of art from 20×200 for $30, plus I got an extra 20% off my first plum district purchase!

Plum district is a deal site that is aimed at moms specifically . So far I’ve gotten great massage’s, a manicure and now art from this site and all at a great price…..so what’s not to love ?  Getting a great deal on awesome art is perfect for me!

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