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An easy way to help clean the Pacific Ocean…

10 Oct

It’s not often I feel compelled to write about hand soap but the folks over at Method are constantly surprising me with their take on products and contributing back to society. They have just launched a new range of hand soaps that come in bottles made entirely from Pacific Ocean trash.

Ocean plastic sea mineral soap by Method

What is Ocean Plastic you might ask? Well the Great Pacific Garbage Patch as its called is an area in the pacific ocean where the currents meet and therefore debris & trash that has been dumped from places as far and wide as Japan, the USA, latin America gets “stuck”. It’s almost impossible to fathom..its sheer size  is roughly the same size as Texas!!! And the fact that it’s sitting out there with no government doing anything about it  continuously astounds me. The Hawaiian islands are particularly vulnerable to this floating trash pile as it regularly washes up on their shores.

To help counter this Method and a few local volunteers pick up the plastic and are turning it into something useful – new bottles.

As their Founder, Adam Lowry, said in a NY Times interview here  ” “We want to create a conversation about recycling plastics. The real objective is to make the point that we ought to work with the plastics already on the planet.”

Check out their resource page on Ocean Plastic to learn more about the issue, their recycling process and how they are helping make a small dent in the great garbage patch.


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