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Dining in style…soon

4 Jan

For the last 6 years – since we moved to the USA from London my little family has been dining on a basic white round table from Ikea. We loved it when we bought it and lord knows we have had great use out of it but with more and more guests on the horizon and finally being able to entertain in our home it was high time to splash out and get a new table.

I have been keeping my eye open for a table for a while but I wasn’t getting very far – I really was torn about what to buy…wood or white? make our own concrete topped one??? Modern or traditional?

I needed help. So I started hitting my design sources for ideas (aka Pinterest!!) and I was heavily  inspired by this great dining set up……

Modern meets traditional dining room

Modern meets traditional dining room

I actually found this image on the Novogratz facebook page taken from the NY Times blog, the photograph is by  Magnus Marding.

The combination of modern & traditional is right up my alley and the legs on the above table are amazing. And so with this image in mind I finally knew what style I was looking for and after some time I found it. Yes, I have finally chosen a dining table…..

Grand Baluster in Black Drifted Oak

Grand Baluster in Black Drifted Oak

It’s from Restoration Hardware and I was able to take advantage of their end of year sale which was a bonus. I love the lines on this table and the black color is so dramatic! I cant wait to see it in situ. It also extends out to 96 inches which is perfect for the times we have more people over for dinner! (well not for another 4 weeks till we get it delivered!)

As for the chairs I am thinking I will add in some white modern eames moulded chairs around it to play off the traditional lines. Exactly like the ones in the first image above. What do you think – do you like the Black & White combination or would you add in some color???!!


Designing a functional and stylish home office

13 Aug

My husband and I both work full-time in corporate roles – myself in marketing and him in the consulting space. We are usually based here in SF (me) and all over the world (him!) but we do get to work from home occasionally. So having a quiet serene space where we can focus and get our “real” work done is critical!

I had these grand plans of going all out girlie glamor on this home office but Jon gave me a firm NO on that front!!!!  I get it – how can he focus when surrounded by pretty pink shiny things??!!! (actually come to think of it how will I?!!).

So its back to clean and serene…here’s where I am currently  landing on the design front.

Clean and modern office space

I love the idea of an all white space and maybe adding in some pattern with a funky wallpaper

Pattern at play in a modern office

I love the graphic nature of this space – its clean but has life in it through the subtle use of color.

A graphic and clean office space

I love the way this space has been brightened through the use of prints and artwork.

A bright and cheerful space through the use of art.

Image sources. 1. 2. 3. 4.

What’s your favorite space?

Splurge Vs Steal: A Glass Petal Chandelier

24 Jul

This Chandelier from Layla grace is just gorgeous and I love the detail on the glass leaves. It would be stunning in a dining room or any room you wanted to have that pretty vintage vibe.

Layla Grace leaf glass chandelier

Its not cheap tho at a whopping $4498…such is the price of designer beauty I guess!

However I found this lamp as an alternative. It doesn’t have half the detail or stylings of the Layla Grace one  but it will give you the same vibe for a far more affordable $299.

Lamps Plus cascading glass chandelier

A Mini Mood: Blanc et Noir in the Bedroom

20 Jul

I’m under a fair amount of pressure to start making some quick guest bedroom choices given we have got our first guests arriving in just 5 days..eek (yes I have seen the state of our house recently!!). So its time to decided on a color palette and I am thinking crisp & clean….black & white.

It’s a classic scheme yet modern and offers a level of luxury and comfort that you want in a guest bedroom. Here’s some inspiration for my design.


1. Rustic bedroom by Country Living

2. Black & White room via Pinterest

3. Bedroom from My Ideal Home

4. Bedroom by Jenny Wolf Interiors (via West Elm)

A Mini Mood: Rainbow Brights

8 Jun

Daring to use a lot of color in the home is still something I’m a little scared of. Here’s some images that caught my eye recently to encourage me to be a little more adventurous!!

1. Rainbow Stairs

2. Multicolored kitchen via Apartment Therapy

3. Bright Bookshelf via Apartment therapy

4. Rainbow Garden Chairs

Top online Home design reads…

6 Jun

1. Adore

Adore is an Australian lifestyle & interiors magazine filled with great interior decorating tips and gorgeous homes from all over the world. I love that they regularly introduce me to fabulous new products from international places. They also have a fabulous blog that you can read here

2. Rue

The staff at Rue reads like a bloggers who’s who directory – there’s Crystal Gentiello, Anne Sage and Bri Emery all  to name a few. With such great people on board it’s not surprising that this magazine is chocka full of inspirational interiors, products and creativity in general as well as some gorgeous fashion shoots.

3. Heart Home Mag

Founded by Arianna Trapani (Arianna Interiors), Carole King (Dear Designer’s Blog) and Daniel Nelson (Atelier Tally) Heart Home magazine is  a quarterly that celebrates unique interior decor and lifestyle.  I love that they champion independent British Designers and inspire readers to create their own great British home.


Lonny is a bimonthly online magazine that focuses on lifestyle and home decor. Founded by designer Michelle Adams and photographer Patrick Cline it has great market finds in it. My favorite thing about this magazine is that they feature affordable design as well as high-end stuff.

5. Sweet Paul

This is a gorgeous food & home entertaining magazine that’s sure to get your taste buds going and there’s a brilliant blog you can check out too here.

If you have any other great online magazine recommendations then i’d love to hear them, leave a note in the comments – I’m always looking for new reads!!

A modern hanging barn door

23 May

I’ve mentioned before that I quite like these doors but the idea is slowly bubbling into an obsession. Something I absolutely want in my home. The hanging barn door – it’s a gorgeous and yet functional piece that makes a big impact in any room and I think it would be the perfect way to create a divide between the current kitchen and formal living room opening.

The big question is how to do it so it fits in with the modern interior & exterior? Here’s some ideas I found….

Vintage doors

(image taken from Houzz by Furman + Keil Architects)

Hanging vintage doors on a clean crisp modern background completely resonates with me. What a great way to add in character and history to a room.

A brilliant color statement

(image taken from Houzz by Burr & McCallum Architects)

Or you can go completely the other way. The idea of taking a traditional method of displaying barn doors and making a super modern version of it  with chrome finished hardware is also very cool. I also adore the recessed chalkboard as a hidden child’s play space.

Ultra modern hanging door

(image taken from Houzz by Fiorella Design)

So where do you get the doors from? Most people take a flea market find and repurpose it, or create their own. You can get the hardware to hang the doors separately.  This company lets you customize the finish on the hardware so it blends in with the rest of your home.

Hardware for hanging a barn door

Yet another excuse to keep shopping at the local flea markets!

Splurge vs Steal : An Ombre Chair!

22 May

This week’s splurge vs steal is a little different as it requires a bit more than making a smart shopping choice, its more  a touch of DIY!

I fell in love with this Anthropologie bench a while ago as I just love  the paint job and that its seriously on trend with its ombre effect…

Windsor Love Seat from Anthropologie

but its got a CRAZY price tag attached to it so I thought I would have to lust after it from afar. And then I saw this post  on design sponge about doing your own. Incredible.

DIY Ombre Chair

So now my eyes are peeled for a flea market wooden chair/bench find that I can try my ombre paint skills on!!

The perfect laundry?

21 May

The laundry/mud room in our house will be a room that gets used A LOT…with 3 boys in the house the washer & dryer are on almost every single day. And then there’s the dirt from the renovation, from the garden, from the boys in general!!

So I need to be well-organized and make this space as well designed as possible. It’s not big so every aspect needs to be carefully thought out.

There’s no room (or plumbing) for a small sink unfortunately but  we can have the machines sitting side by side, with a counter top on top and a few cupboards/a hanging rail ahead to create laundry central. On the opposite wall  I think there’s enough room for storage/bench/hanging combo  where kids can dump shoes,jackets,bags etc. I’m undecided if this should be like cubbies but I think a better use of the space will be to leave it open.

Here’s my inspiration/ideas so far….

A perfectly organized mini laundry

(image from AM Dolce Vita)
I like how this small space has everything you need in the one place.

Ideal laundry space configuration.

(image from Mini Manor)

We have these exact machines (except in Red) so I can see this layout working perfectly in our home.

What other key elements should be included in a laundry/mud room renovation? Am I missing something?

Hanging Around

19 May

Can you imagine going to stay at a friend’s house and being greeted with this amazingness in the guest cottage?

Barnwood Hanging Bed from Anthropologie


Oh yes. I might just have to do this…….

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