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Entering A New Era

7 Nov

Its been a crazy few weeks in the Renovation Diaries – tons of travelling for work (including a NYC visit right on the eve of Hurricane Sandy hitting) and major family commitments means I’ve had next to no time to blog about our house progress. And there has been some which I promise I will share in another post v.soon.

But today is more about reflection.

Today we enter a new 4 year period of continued change in the USA and for that I am grateful. Change isn’t easy – its hard and sometimes it hurts but I believe the country will come out stronger in the end.

So as a non voting resident of this amazing country I celebrate all of you who used your voice to try to make a difference, no matter which candidate and party you voted for.

Image by Brooke Schwab Photography

Spa Inspiration

25 Feb

I recently convinced Jon to whisk me away for a pre-second-child romantic weekend to a fabulous wine country Calistoga spa hotel so that we could rest and relax before we entered into all the (good!) craziness that is this year.

The obvious benefit was some rare alone time together and blissful relaxation of course but there was an added bonus I hadn’t thought about – Jon was so completely inspired by the decor, landscaping and the spa environment that he wants to adopt some of these elements into our remodel. Until then he’s not been super hot on the idea (and cost) of renovating the pool area but a relaxing soak in the amazing 80 degree pool on a winter’s day followed by a quick steam in the cabana steam room has totally transformed his way of thinking!

Here’s some snapshots of the Solage Calistoga hotel – its beautifully decorated in warm earthy tones and the landscaping was just awesome:

The gorgeous Bathhouse where the Spa is. How great is that fire pit??  Totally not kid friendly of course!!

The on site Michelin starred restaurant, Solbar – amazing food and I was loving the rows of lavender leading up towards the entrance and the water features that made the most amazing sound. Jon was eyeing up the metal roof as its exactly like the one we will have!

The lighting at night was incredible and it really made the place come to life. We haven’t even thought about how to light up the outside of the house and garden – that will come later, but this made us realize that getting it right is so important and it makes such a difference. We might need professional help on this front!

Finally the pool area – which was just amazing.

We were loving the cabana’s and the hot tubs which were placed slightly off to the side.

If we make the most of our own pool environment then we will get a lot more use out of it than we currently do and for a  longer period in the year which will offset some of the running costs. It will require ripping up a ton of concrete in the area, and I’m not sure its something we can DIY  but I totally think it will be worth it and it should add a little value to the house in the long run.

All this will have to come post-house remodel (as in 2012) of course as getting the main house done is our first financial priority but I hope to be relaxing in my own spa like environment soon enough!

Stamp Rugs

17 Feb

I stumbled across these rugs in an online home magazine (Adore) and they are just awesome. I am seriously thinking I need one of these – they make a great wall hanging too.

The colors are just gorgeous. And what’s not to love about having a lil bit of Britannia in your home?

You can get them from Stamp Rugs and yes they are officially sanctioned by the Royal Mail!

Family Room Ideas

11 Feb

Now that we’ve decided to expand the sq ft  in this room by pushing out an extra 4 ft,  it means we can consider a lot more layout and furniture options. We are  going to get rid of the big bay window that we were going to have,  kind of like this one :

Lovell Residence – modern – family room – san francisco – by Quezada Architecture.

And go for a 12 ft Slider door  (2 panels of 6 ft each) in this room too – which will make the entire back of the house open to the garden.  Imagine this kind of set up:

Feldman Architecture – modern – living room – san francisco – by Feldman Architecture, Inc..

And our room will have a similar set up to these two (if you combine them!) : nice bright and open space with views out to the garden – except our far back wall will be solid and not glass.

orit – modern – family room – tel aviv – by ome.co.il.

I wanted a solid wall so that we would have more storage space in the form of built ins and a place for the TV to be housed. I’m thinking about white like this wall to ceiling built in as its super clean looking and we could probably get something from Ikea that would do the job:

Espacios, casas | Nuevo Estilo revista de decoración – – – – by nuevo-estilo.es.

I can see this space being where we spend a lot of our time as a family so the space has to be functional and really work for us. But I also like the idea that its a second play place for the kids – away from their bedrooms so we might incorporate a kids zone into the room kind of like this one:

Family Room – modern – kids – new york – by Elliott Kaufman.

I love how the Ikea bookshelf has been painted the same color as the walls to make it look like more of a custom piece. We’ll also extend the underfloor heating into this new room so that the flooring we choose – be it wood or tile will be warm underfoot.

This room will really make the house and having the extra space is going to be worth the slight bit of extra hassle right now to get it approved. I’m glad we decided to do it now and not later that’s for sure!

Baby Nursery

6 Feb

As you may know we are expecting our second baby in late May – our second baby boy! So along with planning all the other rooms I’ve been searching for inspiration for a modern nursery. This is the first time we will be able to paint and create the room exactly as we wanted, as previously we’ve been renting and had to consider carefully what to put on the walls etc. So I am ready to go for it and I have free rein on design!!

I stumbled across project nursery and its an incredible website filled with tons of real life babies & kids rooms to view and draw inspiration from.  I’d decided I wanted to go with a duck egg blue, orange and maybe another accent color (grey?) for this room  and I just love what these parents have done with their rooms – defo a good chance I’ll be stealing some ideas from here!

Modern duck egg blue & orange Nursery

I love the Zebra rug in this room – so unexpected and makes a great alternative to the soothing blue walls. Plus the pops of orange are a great brightener for the room.

Soothing grey nursery with birch trees

This is a very calm room – with the little hints of orange.  I love the wall decals but it might be a little too tame for me.

This next room is super bold – but I’m digging the stripes on the ceiling idea. It adds a visual element to the room for the baby but I can’t see myself convincing Jon to get the paint out and paint stripes on the ceiling yet! And I’m worried that this look could date pretty quickly.

Bold stripe ceiling

Yellow and blue nursery

These colors  on the second image might be a bit muted for me but I like the inclusion of the warm grey and turquoise blue.

This next one is just pure fun – I love how bright and bold it is. And the green Eames Rocker is to die for! One of these in orange or blue with a mini sheepskin rug thrown over it might have to go on my list of things to buy.

Go bold with this bright & colorful nursery scheme

Calm grey tone nursery with a chic rug.

I love the grey rug in this final room – its a tad girly for my new lil man’s room but I’ve seen some other versions that could work. Overall the room feels very warm and inviting  and practical too!

Lots of ideas here – but it will be a while before I can even get to this decorating stage. Still its good to think about the room layout, the colors and what I want in there, what we already have and what else I might need!

It’s a fun project to think about that’s for sure, and best of all its keeping me happy and content whilst I live in chaos and dust.

Kids 60’s Ball Chair

2 Feb

I just stumbled across this chair and its super cute – I know my boys would love this as a little reading nook for them. I’ll have to figure out a way to incorporate this into one of their bedrooms – likely Jack’s first.

You can buy it from here.

Exterior Inspiration

13 Sep

As we are completely immersed in the design stage – trying to figure out what we want the house to “be”  has been overwhelming to say the least. There’s so many choices out there, but here’s a few of our fave’s that we shared with our architect, Tom of McElroy architecture to help explain our vision for this old 1950’s home:

We just love the lines on this house below, and the cedar paneling as a detail against the vivid color. Now we aren’t thinking lime green for our house but on this design it totally works and is super modern and fresh.

This house has a great front living room window- semi boxed and something we’d like to replicate on the front of ours. I’m also totally digging the modern door with the side window panel.

This next house is just stunning, I love the metal siding and cedar combo with the big open windows. The fact that it was a remodel and became a 5 level house is amazing. The roof line is very different to what we will be doing, but color scheme wise this is right up our street (and it helps with the visualizing that there’s a touraeg in the driveway too!).

And finally this gorgeous prefab home designed by Hive Modern has a mix of stucco and cedar siding accented with dark windows that we are seriously considering as a solid option.

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