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Moody Hues

30 Nov

Life has been going at a roller coaster pace recently but I have been able to sneak a bit of time to pick out a color for our formal living room. I wanted an accent wall and after being inspired by the images below we finally made our choice…..

Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy – it’s a rich dark grey/navy tone which I cant wait to get on the wall! Updates and pictures will follow but in the meantime here’s some other homes to drool over…

Dark Gray walls provide a dramatic backdrop

Dark Gray walls provide a dramatic backdrop

A glamorous home

A glamorous home

Dark walla in a dining space

Dark walls in a dining space

Have you used a dark color in your home? Any styling tips/tricks?

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Week 16: The roof is off and we decide to paint!

7 May

This was the week I’d been dreading – the start of the roofing work which could only mean one thing, a real mess and a total pain to live in whilst it’s happening. This week also happened to be my last week of work before heading out on maternity leave so stress levels were already high and then I came home to this one night…

Jon had decided that getting a quick coat of paint over the new drywall was a good idea, and of course this was happening at the same time as the extension and new roof getting put on. So chaos was reining outside as well as inside the house!

Benito and his crew were going to spray paint the walls and ceilings  and then the doors and door trims so we had to evacuate the house for a day whilst this was going on. It wasn’t too bad for me as I had work to go to as  a safe haven (it’s not good when work is your restful place !!) but coming home to a house like above certainly wasn’t fun! I’m not kidding when I say the entire house was sheeted off as they were working in all the rooms bar two and the noise from the compressor to help spray the paint was unbearable. So that day was an eating by the pool kind of day and yet again we got takeout!

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